Hawaii-based pet relocation company completes international business solely through their app

Moxo powers the app for Island Pet Movers, enabling clients to efficiently interact and seamlessly collaborate with their team — despite differentiated timezones, throughout the elaborate pet relocation process.

Founded 12 years ago and headquartered in Hawaii, Island Pet Movers is a full-service pet relocation company that facilitates the transportation of pets on a global scale. After experimenting with various technologies, Kari Mendoza, Owner of Island Pet Movers, recognized that she needed to integrate a mobile, digital solution within her business to improve communication with clients throughout the entire relocation process.

When presented with Moxo, Mendoza was impressed by the platform’s capabilities, and delighted to provide her clients with a branded digital channel — a secure, streamlined experience that offers clients the convenience of continuous collaboration from anywhere in the world.

"We're a small business, but we're one of the largest pet shippers in the US. We needed an app that could streamline our communication with clients, and now our app is the only communication that we're having with our clients. Everything we need is all in one place.
Kari Mendoza, Owner, Island Pet Movers

The Moxo-powered Island Pet Movers App has helped them scale their business remotely, relocating over 5,000 pets last year alone in addition to a growing team. Furthermore, their app enables them to maintain a high-level of human connection with clients by sending quick photo and video updates to pet owners in real-time — helping to calm any nerves and nurture thoughtful communication throughout the intricate transportation process.

“We were always trying to figure out what we can do to improve our clients’ experience,” she says. “Moxo has allowed us to greatly improve our communication with clients. And as a team, we are able to get more work done in a much quicker time frame.”

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